About us

Montora team has got a 20 year experience and expertise in the specialized information systems.

The firm has grown up on the information systems in the state administration based on the Oracle platform (and maintaining them), on consulting and specialized Oracle education. Besides, we are the pioneers in the implementation of the hotel systems. We recognized the importance of the tourism in our country on time and wanted to support it with bringing the complexes but the world wide renowned systems which follow all of the segments of the hotel or the restaurant business.

More than 100 successful projects in this field give us a right to say that we have got the solution for every client who wants to follow the world’s top trends.

Montora is a strategic Oracle partner since the foundation of the firm.


The aim of the company is the delivery of the information systems which will enable our clients to reach their own goals. Tracking the way our customers work and by the modern approach towards the implementation and development of the information systems, we are looking for the results that are measured with the success of our clients on the market.


Montora has been achieving a long term, strategically partnership with the clients in order to support and help the clients in every phase of the setting and development of the information systems. We specially care about the quality of our products and services. In the main focus of our meaning of the term ‘quality of the information product and service’ is accomplishing all the needs that our clients desire to get in order to reach their business goals.

If you have got or you are planning a project in Montenegro in this field, Montora Software is the right address at which you will

resolve all the questions and dilemmas in terms of the business managing systems, automation and the control of the business processes.